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Weekly Favorites

In this series, I highlight some of my favorite finds from across the week.  Whether they’re informational links, awesome new products, or fun pictures, I hope you enjoy!  If you’re interested in seeing past Weekly Favorites, check out past posts here.



I’m loving this article on How Brooke Shields Decorated Her Hamptons House.  This article from “Hooked on Houses” compares the listing photos with how Brooke Shields has re-done the home to fit her unique flare, without a dramatic change from the East coast bones of the home.  I love her use of color, while leaving the home classic.  Great inspiration, as I dream of our non-rental.  (Not that I don’t love renting, but I do dream of painting a wall or two.  Sigh… one day.)



I spotted this wine varietal cheat sheet on the blog dough mess tic and will absolutely be referencing it in the near future.  We all know I love me some wine, but I regularly stick with my two old favorites – Cabernet and Chardonnay from vineyards I know in California or Oregon.  With those preferences, it looks like it might be time for me to check out a Petit Syrah.  Wish me luck!



I’m already looking forward to making these Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies for every holiday occasion coming up on the calendar.  According to the directions, these look quick to make with simple ingredients.  We all know those are two aspects that allow me to consider baking from scratch. *wink wink*  But also, the chocolately goodness looks amazing and perfect for the blogger holiday party I’m hosting next week.  Yummin!  I’m on board.



I have no idea where this picture came from, but it looks like the coziest place I’ve ever seen.  You know those couches that were popular for awhile that were essentially a pile of 15,000,000 pillows?  Yeah?  Okay, because this looks cozier than that according to me.  Count me in.  Even leading into Winter.



I hope that you guys all enjoyed my SST Holiday Gift Guide for Gals yesterday (gift guide for the guys is coming Monday!), but I’m loving these suggestions from eBay on potential gifts to provide to neighbors leading into the holidays, even when planning at the last minute.  Ray and I are not besties with our neighbors (I mean, they’re ice and all, but…), but I love to provide simple, neighborly gifts across the holidays. I especially love the hot chocolate and gift wrapping suggestions.  Two things that every person wants and/or needs across the holidays!


Similar to last week, I’m linking up with Thinking Out Loud Thursdays this week.  Be sure to check out other, crazy fun posts if you want a little enjoyable reading across the day.


Scheduling Note

Check back later on today to see my highlights from our trip to Florida over the holidays.  Can’t wait for you guys to see how the little nieces and nephews ran wild around our Thanksgiving. 😉



What are some of your favorite finds across this week?

Are there specific, simple gifts that you love to share with your neighbors?

Create a great life!

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