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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Dress Shopping (Part 2)

Hello all my favorite SSTers!  Hope you’ve had a great morning thus far – I’m enjoying my lunch hour on a Starbucks patio looking at this beautiful, mid-80 degree (F) day with a slight wind and not a cloud in the sky.  This is why we moved to Denver. 🙂

Thanks for all of your fun comments last week on Part 1of my wedding dress shopping post!  It was a great experience, and was just as fun to re-live in writing.  Hope you guys enjoy this one just as much!  Now on to three of my favorites from that day!

Dress 1

9 9 15_8

When I walked into the store, this is the dress I pictured holding onto.  I honestly hate how it looks in these pictures, as it actually looks more like a halter neck in front and racer-back in the back.  The features I said I wanted in a dress were: lace, form-fitting, racer-back, buttons going down the back.  Everything was covered here, but…

9 9 15_9

…the second I walked out of the dressing room in this dress, I got two, massive thumbs down from the mamacitas.  In retrospect, I’m glad I trusted their opinion, but I was devastated on that day.  This is a classic example of not always knowing exactly what you want.  You may have one idea in your head, but you may walk out with something completely different!

Dress 2

9 9 15_4

This was a brand new dress to the shop and I was FIRST to try it on.  I thought this dress was so unique, with an interesting line, a simple & classic aesthetic, and a truly defined figure.  The only reason I said no to this one, and I went back and forth for a while on it, was that I didn’t feel bridal in it in the way I want to on my wedding day.  I know that’s hard to describe, but the fabric just felt a bit too casual for what I’m going for, as the lining felt similar to a cotton.  Yes, accessories make the dress, but I’m hoping for my dress to be the base of it all.  But seriously, that train… jaw dropping.

9 9 15_5

Dress 3

9 9 15_6

This little number ended up being my second pick, and I really went back and forth between the two.  The fabric has almost a 3D print on it that’s in a floral motif, making it traditional, but with a bit of flare.  It’s a classic cut and I felt like an all-star in it.  It would need accessories, but nothing too flashy (see below, a small ribbon would do.)  I felt like the bride I want to be in it and it felt like the Vail wedding we’re hoping to host.  Of course, I would have raised the neckline slightly (see: part 1 with my obsession with necklines.)  It was nothing I expected to like, and everything at the same time.  The only reason I didn’t pick it, was because I liked my top pick even more.  But we’ll have to wait a few months to see that one in a public space. 🙂

9 9 15_7


Last week, a lot of you said that you didn’t know what kind of dress you’d be looking for and would try on a variety.  I’d love to know, now that you’ve seen several that I’ve tried on, what kind of dress do you think I ended up selecting for the big day?  Whomever is right will get 300 brownie points courtesy of SST. 😉

Create a great life!

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