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Top 10 Lifestyle Instagram Accounts to Follow

When I originally started my Instagram account a few months back, I fell into the usual trap.  Posting whatever crossed my path, following only the big Instagram accounts, and thinking that what inspired everyone else would artistically inspire me, as well.  But let’s be real about this scenario… artistic inspiration is a personal thing.  Fashion bloggers and fitness bloggers are fantastic, but sometimes I love the Instagram accounts that mix it up & show us that variety is the spice of life.  If you’re feeling like you want to follow some inspirational lifestyle accounts, then below are the top ten that I can’t help but recommend!


Bangles-3-22 Hannah is, above all, a fashion blogger.  Although, living in Napa, CA, having an adorable puppy, and an overall active lifestyle, her Instagram account makes you beg for wanderlust and want to take advantage of everyday.


lauren-conrad-africa-3 As every “Laguna Beach” and/or “The Hills” fan knows, Lauren Conrad is amazing.  Whether it’s fitness tips, fashion, or general lifestyle shenanigans, Lauren provides advice from the experts of every facet we can imagine.  Her Instagram account is essentially a behind the scenes glimpse into what LC is up to nowadays, and it’s all fun and games and trips to South Africa!


12822352_191235044582910_420161689_n The Resource Girls are fellow Denver bloggers that are as sweet as possible.  From workout tips to DIYs, these girls are out to make the world a better place and they’re doing just that – follow them for motivational posts and easy to follow lifestyle tips and tricks.


924396_1746050995632097_603484751_n As you might expect, Rachel’s account is primarily filled with some sweet, sweet namaste, but that’s not where her content ends.  From her experiences volunteering to bohemian fashion tips, her account is well-rounded and lovely.


images6LWY9BUA Ivanna Marie typically writes about fitness and food, and I can’t get enough!  Fabulous photography, 15 second workout videos galore, and easy to follow recipes make this account the perfect follow for more productive days.

@everythingssunnyuntitledKristin Jones’ account is one part Christianity, one part affordable fashion, and a whole lot of sunshine.  Filled with a mixture of bright colors and muted tones, this feed is one that’s certain to make you smile.


12599224_1691846804424289_1844320990_n Natalie Veltman is focused on style and inspiration, but her combination of bright colors and non-stop laughing make her feed more positivity than anything else.  Similar to myself, she’s at the heart of the business world, with Instagram and writing being her creative outlet.  Both of her Instagram account and her writing are worth following to bring a little positivity to your day.


Screen-Shot-2015-11-06-at-9.32.01-AM-1024x694 More outdoor adventure than fashionista, Mackenzie is essentially just a B.A.M.F.  From gorgeous views of the Colorado mountains, to fly fishing days, to behind-the-scenes pictures of Dick’s Sporting Goods ads, follow her for a taste of adventure just outside of the limits of our city-based lives.


11327434_783715451726108_339360281_n Caroline focuses on helping her community of followers live healthy, fitness-based lives, while keeping their faith at the center.  Though whether you view yourself as being religious or not, her messages of persistence, consistency, and living an overall healthy, balanced lifestyle – rather than making it a small piece of your day – is something that can jive with almost everyone.





While Natalie is an incredibly successful model around the globe, she’s not one of those that claims “it’s all natural.”  Engaged to a personal trainer, she shares her workouts each day and provides us with a behind the scenes glimpse into her fun, Australian life.


What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

Do you prefer to follow accounts covering a single subject area (fashion, fitness, etc), or more of a well-rounded bunch?

Create a great life!

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