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What I Ate Wednesday & Why We Need to Support Fellow Bloggers

What I Ate Wednesday is where I re-cap an entire day of eating.  From breakfast to dessert, you’ll see it all.  Scroll to the bottom to get right into it, but first, I talk about why we need to support fellow bloggers.

Why We Need to Support Fellow Bloggers

In my blogging career, I’ve been really, really lucky.  In my 5+ years around here, I’ve seen many blogs and blog friends come and go, I seen brands treat blog friends disrespectfully, and I’ve seen bloggers act competitively towards one another.

Luckily, I’ve been blessed to not be a part of most of these negative behaviors, respectivefully deciding to keep my distance when I felt like something was “off.”  But with our industry growing larger and more mainstream, I’ve started to see our industry acting more and more competitive.

While this is just a product of more bloggers and more brands wanting to be involved with bloggers, I offer you three reasons why we need to support fellow bloggers and stay positive towards one another, whether other bloggers are within your topic area or not.

1) We are each other’s co-workers

My blogging friends in Denver have to be sick of hearing me say this, but I truly feel that it is the case.  When we work solo, as many of us do, we don’t have co-workers or a sounding board to talk through ideas or our strategic plans.  While our families and friends probably love talking about blogging everytime they get home from work (ok, maybe not), who better to talk to throughout the day about our blogs than people in the same industry!

Plus, no matter the topic of the blog, most bloggers have the same end goal… to impact and HELP a large group of people around the globe live their best life.  Following then immediately unfollowing on Instagram or talking behind each other’s back is doing the complete opposite.  Supporting each other means that we are able to impact an even larger group of people to become more knowledgable and we help a larger segment of the world to be a happier place.

2) We make our industry stronger

If I had a nickle for everytime I was asked by people, “how do you make money?”  Or for the number of times I was asked to educate brands that want to collaborate on how we’re supposed to work together.

While I know that their questions are coming from a good place, both questions have become incredibly repetitive to me over the past 5+ years.  And I’m certain that they likely have for you, too.

When we support each other within our industry, we show the world that we are an industry in our own right.  We educate consumers and brands so that we can continue to move forward and grow as a community, rather than remaining stagnant.  Together, we show that there is more than just one of us around the world.  We are a thriving, successful group of men and women and we act as such.

(If you don’t have a blogging community surrounding you, feel free to reach out on this one!  Know that you are not alone.  But know that, unless you are a very new blogger to the field, I will always urge you to NEVER do a post for free.  We are a business… we should be proud of our work and act as such.)

3) It’s a heck of a lot more fun

I’ve written before about how I’ve gotten involved in the blogger community, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for each and every one of the bloggers I’ve met.  We have girl nights, meet up for co-working dates, attend workout classes together, and just generally enjoy each other’s company.

I 100% understand why so many bloggers stop blogging.  This field is DIFFICULT and, while it looks easy on the surface, we need friends to support and encourage us along the way.

As a blogger, I urge you to remember that a rising tide lifts all boats.  Be kind and love one another.  As our community grows, so do we as a part of this amazing industry.

What I Ate Wednesday

This week, I reviewed Monday’s eating, including a lot of time behind the computer. Whoop whoop!

Breakfast at 7 A.M.


Per usual, I enjoyed my Kind bar with a cup of tea.  Although we’re almost out of Kind bars!  Oh no!

Snack at 11 A.M.


Leftover sushi and a dumpling from the night before.  Knowing that I was going to have lunch less than an hour later, I didn’t want to be stuffed, but I also needed something small following my workout.

Lunch at Noon


We didn’t have much food left in the house following our weekend away, but I wanted something on the healthy side.  Low Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup fit the bill.  Added a little pepper and crushed red pepper and we were off to the races.  Thanks, Campbells! #NotSponsored

Snack at 3 P.M.

Three chocolate chip peanut butter energy bites tided me over and spiked my energy a little bit to finish out the rest of the work day.  The assistance was much needed.

Dinner at 7 P.M.


It looks digusting, but trust me, it was good.  1/2 a breast of chicken, and baked shredded carrots, red onion, and a couple pepperoni slices.  Still emptying out our fridge and it worked out perfectly!

Dessert and Tea at 9:00 P.M.

After dinner, I enjoyed a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and two teaspoons of hot fudge.  This was followed immediately by SleepyTime Tea.  A delicious way to end the day.

Overall, it was a good day of eating.  I would have preferred more protein and more vegetables, but I think that I did a good job for being at the “cleaning out the refrigerator stage.”  Almost everything was healthy and I ended the day feeling satisfied with my decisions.  I’d give the full day one thumb proudly up!


What do you make when you’re cleaning out the refrigerator?

How do you support your fellow bloggers and the blogging community?

Create a great life!

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