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Favorite Drugstore Beauty Finds

For those of you new around Semi-Sweet Tooth, you should know that I’m one of those people that loves to listen to other’s suggestions and try new beauty products galore.  If you suggest it, I’ll likely try it out to see if it works for me, too.  But also, you should know that unless the product is the newest version of sliced bread, I typically lean towards the affordable side of the equation.  While my skin and beauty in general are important to me, finding cost-friendly, well-performing alternatives is always preferred.

As such, there are certain drugstore products that regularly find their way into my repertoire.  I’ve tried designer products and I’ve tried skipping these all together, but sometimes the best product you find is the first one you see on the drugstore shelf.  Check out below for some affordable, drugstore products that regularly make their way into my basket.

NGN-02518-7 Neutrogenia Naturals Fresh Cleansing & Makeup Remover

A long time ago, it was suggested to me that I should rotate between three favorite face washes (and shampoo/conditioners, seen below), and this is the one that I regularly keep on my list.  The rotation keeps things fresh and makes sure that your skin doesn’t get stuck in a rut or get used to the product you’re using.  But either way, this Neutrogena product has been incredible for my skin.  It’s gentle enough that I can use it once or twice a day, it keeps my skin clear, and it removes all of my makeup in one, simple step.

olay Olay Regenerist Night Cream

Long time reader and blogger Carrie suggested this in a comment on another post, and I’m so glad she did.  While I favor natural, more expensive day creams with SPF, I was in need of a night cream that deeply hydrated my skin without clogging my pores.  While I do wish that this product had a little bit thicker consistency, it’s done all that I wanted in a night cream in terms of hydration and prepping my skin to take one the day.  For a relatively low price, this is definitely a great option that I’ll stick with for the foreseeable future.

OGX-Coconut-Milk-Shampoo-Conditioner-Nourishing13Oz-Organix-For-font-b-African-b-font-font-b-American Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m recently in a phase where I try to stick to as many natural products as possible.  (I mean, we’re putting these products on our largest organ, – our skin – so we should probably take care of it, eh?)  But I recently tried a natural shampoo and conditioner that dramatically dried out my scalp and my poor strands needed some deep recovery mode assistance.  In need of a quick replacement that provided hydration, I purchased the above and I quickly fell in love.  While I haven’t had great success with moroccan oil, I’ve found that the coconut milk options are kind of a strong middle ground.  My hair has been stronger and well hydrated across the dry winter, and they have continued to keep my hair healthy as we move into the warmer months.


Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes

In the evenings, I tend to get incredibly lazy and decide against washing my face, even though I love my previously mentioned Neutrogena.  However, even though I choose to be a lazy bump on a log from time to time, I do recognize that it’s important to clean my face.  Regularly, I’ve been opting to use facial cleansing cloths as a replacement for splashing my tired face with water.  While these Ponds cloths are my favorite, I’m willing to vary the brand a bit.  Although, these have worked best for washing all my makeup off my face in the evening, while not being too harsh or drying.


Travel Sized Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Lotion

If you can’t tell by now, one of my top goals with almost every product I purchase is to provide deep hydration that soaks in and replenishes moisture to my system.  While I have what’s considered “normal” skin and drink a ton of water each day (though I think we’re all a bit dehydrated), the harsh drying winters and desert conditions of Denver have done a number on my skin and hair.  To solve this problem, I bring a travel-sized Aquaphor with me everywhere and use it on my hands (they’re the first to show age when they’re dehydrated!) and rub a little extra on my lips for good measure.  There have been a few other lotions that I’ve loved, but Aquaphor is my old standby that you can find in almost any store.


What are some of your favorite drugstore beauty products?

Do you typically shop for beauty products in drugstores or in specialty stores?

Create a great life!

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