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Blogger Interview: Rebecca of “The Novice Native”

As I’m on adult “Spring Break,” the blogger Interview is designed to engage with bloggers whom I like and respect, and who have something to say. It will run each weekday from March 21-28. I posed to each of the interviewees the same 13 questions and requested that they answer at least 10 of them; I told them that their answers could be as short or long as they wished.

Rebecca of The Novice Native is a Denver lifestyle blogger that is full of gumption and good times.  She has a goal to turn her life into a full blown adventure and she takes us every step along the way.  She’s running half marathons, paddle boarding, getting married, and chatting about the newest fashion finds all in her own hilarious way while allowing us to join her on the journey.  Check out below to learn about her very specific, yet undefined vacation plans, role-model worthy blog planning process, and about how a kind heart leads to the best blogging.  Enjoy!

P.S. Yes, she is also an over-achiever that answered all 13 questions. 😉

What goal did you set out to achieve when you started blogging?  Has it changed?

A few months after college I fell into a post college slump… Unhappy with what the corporate world had to offer, I found myself struggling to keep life interesting.  One day I decided to start a blog centered around adventure, but mainly to knock things off my bucket list without the pressure of having company.  My boyfriend at the time (now husband!) was tired of me asking him to join in at Sip and Paint, yoga, cooking classes, and shopping, so finding a reason to do things by myself was life changing.  The activities that used to come between us quickly became building blocks for great conversations.  As The Novice Native blog has grown, I have changed the scope and style of my adventures, but I still think the main goal of my blog is to provide an outlet for me to be creative and experience everything the world has to offer!

Which movie best describes your life and why?

Homeward Bound.  My life is a series of adventures that are leading me to find myself!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your blogging career?

When girls support each other, anything can happen.  Friendship and an open mind are the keys to unlocking creativity and happiness!

What’s the biggest – and, in retrospect, most important – mistake you’ve made and how did you grow from it?

I think the biggest mistake I’ve ever made has been comparing myself to other people… I know that sounds like a canned answer, but when I was finally able to pull myself out of that mindset, I was able to see how much love can fit in the place of jealousy!  Life is so much better when you are just yourself.

What’s the most significant thing you do each week, and why is it so significant?

Is washing my hair an acceptable answer?

Who has been the most influential person in your blogging life, and why?

It’s hard to pick just one person… I have so many people who encourage me and reach out about posts, but if I had to pick one… I would choose my dear friend Joanna.  She was the first person to encourage me to post my healthy recipes on my blog.  That encouragement helped me realize my blog could be so much more than travel discounts and bucket list diaries!

If you had to define the most important aspect of blogging successfully, what would it be and why?

I would encourage everyone to find what they love and blog about that!  Not everyone is supposed to be a fashion blogger, just like not everyone can be a fitness guru, or a yoga star.  Finding my niche in the blogging world has allowed me to follow my passion. I keeps me motivated and interested!  I love what I do and it’s because I didn’t allow myself to compare what my journey looked like compared to other bloggers.

Do you prefer posting on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, or any other account, and why?

I love my blog and Instagram, because they each offer their own advantages!  My blog is where I feel I really connect with my readers, but Instagram allows me to reach them every day with less work!

Most memorable meal?  Where, what, and why?

Again, I’m feeling basic with my answer, but definitely the night my husband proposed.  We were vacationing in Punta Cana when Andrew surprised me with dinner on the beach.  He hired a private waiter who served us salmon appetizers, a perfectly cooked fillet paired with a grilled lobster tail!  Before dessert, with the moon shinning bright, Andrew asked me to be his forever.  Then the waiter delivered the most delicious Chocolate Molten Cake (my favorite).  It was perfect!

What’s one thing that you haven’t done yet that you would most like to do?

The item at the top of my bucket list is to see Thailand for a week!  I want to stay 3 days in a really nice resort!  Followed by the last 4… living like the locals in a smaller town, experiencing the wildlife and community!

How do you typically plan your posts each week, and how far in advance?

I typically plan one month in advance, but I’m 2 months ahead.  I like to give myself deadlines, in order to stay on subject.  The planning process begins with outfit choosing.  I lay out all the outfits I want to feature during that time period, whether it be a season or just a month.  Then, I schedule shoots.  Once I have my schedule set with others, I organized the outfits to keep color combinations from being too close to others.  Finally, I sit down with my planner and schedule out when I’d like to use those fashion posts and pepper in other areas of interests!

What are some of your favorite blogs to follow for inspiration?

I tend to follow the people in my life, my girlfriends.  I love being a part of their lives and seeing how they portray that on social media is so inspiring.  If I had to choose one blogger who I look up to, I would hands down say @yogagirl!  Not because I want to be a yogi, but because she has a love of life and adventure that isn’t easily found.  I started following her several years ago, before she became mega-insta-famous.  Watching her humbly grow was a example for my own personal growth.  I recently learned to windsail in Aruba from the same surf shop she began her blogging career.  Hearing the stories from some of her best friends was so exciting!!

Keenest insight (so far) from your life and/or blogging career?

Kindness goes along way!  When you genuinely care about people… they care just as deeply back!  Not everyone, but the ones that matter will.

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