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Why Life is Rowdy

Yes, I used to call this “Weekly Favorites,” but that didn’t close to convey the excitement level that I have for the pieces I’m sharing.  And so, with that, here are some of my favorite finds from across this week!

7 30 15_1

When traveling around Aspen this past weekend, we happened upon the seasonal Aspen Art Fair.  While I’m typically pretty good at saying no, this piece was too good to leave. The artist, Justin, travels through the woods to collect the antlers that have been shed from the past season. Once we saw the candles at Gorsuch, we knew it was perfect for our front table!

7 30 15_4

My mom got Raymond an amazing birthday gift, a Hot Sauce Making Kit from Uncommon Goods.  We’re so excited to have arts and crafts time to make one of Ray’s favorite delicacies… hot sauce.

7 30 15_5

Last Friday was Uber Ice Cream day.  I’ve been waiting to try Little Man Ice Cream in downtown Denver for quite some time, as I’m not known for patience when it comes to standing in line.  But when Uber was offering to drop it past my place, I was in!  The flavors are incredibly tasty and the natural ingredients make it feel much healthier than it certainly is.  #weddingdiet

7 30 15_2

My mother and my cousin surprised me with two, perfect gifts!  My mom got me a planner & organizer, and my cousin got us an adorable wine stopper. Both are exactly what we’re needing at this time… ideal since we’ll be needing the wine once we start filling out the planner. 🙂

7 30 15_3

Lastly, a HUGE thank you for all of the love and well wishes from friends near and far.  We’ve been engaged for a bit over a month now, but I definitely appreciate the amazing cards and gifts still coming our way.  Let’s keep the celebration going!

Please note, one of this content is sponsored.  All opinions shared are my own.


What are you loving this week?  Can’t wait to hear what’s making you smile!

Create a great life!

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