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Music to Change Your Mood

This week, I have been all over the mood board.  I slept terribly a couple of nights, had to make an emergency eye doctor appointment, purchased a crazy expensive prescription, and am dealing with wedding planning, essentially two full time jobs, and just can’t wait to get out of town for vacation within the next few weeks to run away from everything for a hot minute.  (Remember when people said our pre-moon was crazy?  They might be right based on their experience, but I CAN’T WAIT!!  This is exactly what we’re needing right now.)  But, on the flip side, I woke up each day with my health, the ability to get to the doctor, the emergency fund to get that prescription, and the sun was shining every day.  All in all, life is really, really good, too.

Just like everyone, my life flows through ups and downs, often in the same day.  I’ll wake up in one mood, and it will seemingly transition across the day based on circumstances, weather, and who knows what else.  However, sometimes I feel the need to be proactive in changing my mood.  While I can’t change the weather and the only thing we can truly immediately change about our circumstances is our reaction towards them, I can change the music.

What music to listen to for a mood change

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been deeply impacted by music, and I’d expect that many of you are the same way.  Some people listen to the beat of songs they listen to and some people listen to lyrics, but some just listen to the music for what it is – an art form that can transport you to any time or place on a moment’s notice.  In case you’re feeling the need to change your mood, then below are my favorite songs that help to put me in a specific mood depending on my situation. 

I once read that we often like certain songs because they emotionally validate what we’re feeling, and that our taste in music typically changes due to our experience.  While these statements show that everyone’s tastes vary dramatically (if we didn’t already know that), I hope that these songs guide you to feel happy, energized, or relaxed to put you in the right mindset to take on the day in the way you feel is appropriate.



If I’m needing to feel happy, that means I’m not happy at that point in my day.  I love songs that understand that deeply complicated feeling.  Songs that share that I may not be happy now, but that’s okay – I will be happy in the long run.  The below songs share that everything might not be okay at this point, that we should be thankful because everything will be alright.

The Playlist


I’m certain that I’m not the only one that sometimes needs a little help amping myself up for activities.  You get home from work or you’ve been sitting all day, either way, last thing you want to do is get up, get dressed, or get to the gym.  Below are some of my favorite songs to give me that extra kick of energy.  I’m an EDM and pop fan, so these songs will fit you especially well if you lean either of those directions.

The Playlist


It would be hard to count the number of times I’ve known I have an early morning call, I’ve known I have nine hours or less prior to that early morning call, I’ve known I should be going to sleep… but I’m wide awake.  If I’m feeling overly energized, I find that I love songs that have a nostalgic, almost ethereal feel.  The type of songs that I would otherwise be listening to while I decide to take a nap with light rain pattering against the window.  In these times, I sometimes listen to Jack Johnson Radio on Pandora (example being right now as I also drink my “Stress Relief” Yogi tea), but below are my absolute favorite relaxation songs – all of which take me back to an earlier, worry free time.  Those times may not have felt that way at the moment, but it’s amazing how views change in retrospect, isn’t it?Relaxing JOIN THE CONVERSATION

What are your favorite songs to listen to at any time of day?

If you have any songs that instantly make you happy, energized, or relaxed, please share them in the comments section below!

Create a great life!

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