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Friends Visiting & a Wedding in Cincinnati… Oh My!

This weekend was a bit crazy, but I loved every second.  I’m only now considering it over, because we all know I love to live in the past from time-to-time, but I’m now looking forward to the adventures that await us in the week ahead!

On Friday, Ray and I took the day off to head to my old home Cincinnati for a wedding.  It was amazing to be able to venture into town early in the afternoon to see some close friends that live in the area, made even better by the fact that they surprised us with celebratory champagne!

8 10 15_2

After playing catch up for a few hours, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner downtown at a new spot called Eagle, before heading to an event called Lumenocity.  This annual event began after I moved out of Cincinnati to Chicago, but is absolutely worth travelling to check out.  The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra plays while full, original motion pictures play out on a historic, treasured building downtown.  It honestly almost moved me to tears.

8 10 15_3

To cap off the night, we met up with our friends Barbie, Beau, Jessie, and Andrew to check out a couple bars and restaurants Andrew owns downtown.  If you’re ever in downtown Cincinnati, then I highly recommend checking out Rhinegeist or Nation (in OTR and Pendleton, respectively) for a good time.

8 10 15_4

Saturday evening, Ray and I had the honor of attending a wedding for my grand-big in my sorority.  She and her now husband have been together 8 years, so I’ve known them both for what feels like forever – even visiting them over in London when they lived there for a few years!  The location was stellar, the food was impeccable, and the band was on-point.  Definitely one for the record books!

8 10 15_5

8 10 15_6

Finally, upon returning to Denver, my good friend from childhood, Alyssa, and her husband Dane were hanging out at our place ready to enjoy the day together.  They travelled to CO early last week for a wedding and stayed in town for an extended period of time to see family and friends nearby.  It was so great to have some of our closest friends stay with us, and we loved showing them some of our favorite places in town, including Denver Chop House (pictured below.)

8 10 15_9

Now our place is clean and we’re working through this week as we prepare for our first engagement party this weekend back in Chicago!  Woo-sah, that’s a lot… but I’m loving being surrounded by my favorite people from near and far!


What was the highlight of your weekend?  What are you most looking forward to this week?

Create a great life!


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